About Us

About SQLAI.ai

We are a dynamic AI startup nestled between the innovation hubs of Berlin and Denmark. We believe in harnessing the immense potential of AI, SQL and NoSQL, and mixing them together to drive valuable data exploration. Our core mission is to empower clients to fully leverage SQL and proactively harness their data to enhance their operations. In developing our products, we are committed to:

  • Ensuring stringent adherence to security policies
  • Capturing the potency of AI while maintaining user-friendly interfaces
  • Providing exceptional support, encouraging user participation, and promoting top-tier SQL generation

We offer a host of features which include:

  • Top-notch SQL generation empowered by AI
  • Extensive support for SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Connectivity to your database, enabling insightful data extraction
  • Functionality to preserve and share generated queries
  • And so much more... Discover for yourself

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