We have added a handful of keyboard shortcuts at enhancing your user experience.

Table of contents

Auto-suggest for Tables and Columns

If you happen to forget the specifics of your data source or would like to give the AI specific instructions, SQLAI.ai provides a convenient table/column name lookup feature.

Once a data source is connected or imported, initiating an auto-suggest is as simple as keying / (slash) in the input box. Here are some useful tips for managing the auto-suggestions:

  • Searching: Begin typing the preferred table or column title to narrow down the suggestions.
  • Navigation: Use your arrow keys to traverse through the suggestions.
  • Selection: Either press Enter or mouse click on the desired table or column title to confirm selection.
  • Exit: Click on ESC to close the autosuggestion dialogue.

It can be useful to lookup table or column names if you forgot what your data source contains or if you want to give AI specific instructions (e.g. in case of multiple similar sounding table or column names).

Once you have connected to a data source or imported it, you can open by typing / (slash) in the input field. Once it is opened you can:

  • narrow the suggestions by typing the desired table or column name
  • navigate the suggestions using arrow keys
  • selecting by clicking Enter or click on the selected table or column name
  • close the autosuggestion by clicking ESC

AI Generator Trigger

After placing your input prompt on the AI generator (i.e. defining what task you want the AI to perform), you can kickstart the processing phase using the following shortcuts:

  • Mac OSX users: Press CMD + Enter.
  • Windows users: Press CTRL + Enter.

In case the AI is already in the generation process, you can halt it mid-way through and start af using the respective shortcuts listed above.