Connect to Your Data Source

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Connect to Data Source

By creating a connection with your data sources, you leverage the capabilities to generate accurately structured SQL with minimal manual effort. Plus, it brings the ability for your team members to safely execute queries directly on the data source. To proceed with adding a data source, you need to explore the add data source section.

Add data source
Add data source

Choose the "Advanced" link below the data links for further options. Here, you a choice to save your data sources either on a remote server or in your browser's local storage unit. For optimal outcomes, it's recommended to store the data source on the server.

How to Select Data Source Type

Select the desired data source to connect, for example, PostgreSQL. Then, you get to fill in your connection credentials. Rest assured, your credentials will be stored with advanced encryption for maximum security.

Add connection credentials
Add connection credentials

While using a connection URL, ensure that it follows the below illustrated format:


For instance, if you operate on a database hosted on AWS RDS, a READ ONLY user is suggested:


Confirmation of Data Source Addition

Congratulations! Your data source has successfully been added. SQLAI.ai has encrypted the sensitive connection credentials followed by executing a query to acquire the (only) database schema, such as the table and column names. With this, you can generate SQL, run queries against the data source, as well as share it with your team members.

Data source successfully added
Data source successfully added
  • Tip: A technical user holds the capability to set up the data source. Using a read only database connection, they can then extend an invitation for non-technical team members to utilize it.