Defining a Team Member

A team member is essentially an authorized user that has been granted permission to access your subscription and/or your data source(s). The typical procedure is that a technical user initially configures the data source(s) and subsequently adds other users as team members. It's crucial to remember to add these members to your subscriptions (enabling them to receive tokens) as well as to the pertinent data sources.

Subscription Access for Team Members

Upon being added to your subscription, a team member gains the following privileges:

  • Ability to utilize the token allowance provided by the subscription (i.e. generate queries using AI)
  • Entitlement to use the database query limit linked to the subscription (i.e. execute queries against the data source)

However, the team member doesn't get the rights to manage the subscription. Moreover, they can be revoked from team membership at any point.

Data Source Access for Team Members

On being added as a team member to a data source the user is permitted to:

  • Utilize the data source to frame queries (meaning: accessing the database schema from that specific data source)

  • Utilize the data source to execute the generated queries (meaning: procuring data insights)

In contrast, the team member is not authorized to regulate the data source.