Find users in downtown Boston using Geospatial query for AWS Athena (Trino)

get all users who live in downtown Boston using lat/lng

SQL statement for Trino:

SELECT * FROM users WHERE ST_CONTAINS ( ST_POLYGON_FROM_TEXT ( 'POLYGON((-71.0679 42.3601, -71.0679 42.3631, -71.0629 42.3631, -71.0629 42.3601, -71.0679 42.3601))' ), ST_POINT (users.lng, users.lat) )


  • The SQL statement selects all columns from the "users" table.
  • The WHERE clause filters the results based on the condition that the point defined by the latitude (lat) and longitude (lng) of each user is contained within the polygon representing downtown Boston.
  • The polygon is defined using the ST_POLYGON_FROM_TEXT function, which takes a text representation of the polygon's coordinates.
  • The coordinates of the polygon are provided in the form of a rectangle that encompasses downtown Boston.
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  • Wed, 23 Aug 2023 17:13:02 GMT