How to Interact with Our AI?

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Leveraging the "hints" feature

The most efficient way to get highly pertinent answers is by utilizing the "hints" feature. It generates suggestions for questions to ask the AI, individually tailored to your data source and usage.

The input prompt
The input prompt


Suggestions generated by the "Hints" feature for dvdrental sample database that can be copy pasted directly into the input prompt.

  • What are the most popular film categories among customers?
  • Which actors have the highest number of films in the inventory?
  • What is the average rental duration for each film category?
  • Which cities have the highest number of customers?
  • What is the total revenue generated by each store?
  • How does the rental rate vary across different film categories and ratings?
  • What is the average length of films in each category?
  • Which countries have the highest number of film rentals?
  • What is the relationship between film length and rental rate?
  • How does the number of rentals vary across different days of the week or months of the year?
  • What is the average time taken for customers to return rented films?
  • Which staff members have processed the highest number of rentals and payments?
  • What is the distribution of film ratings in the inventory?
  • How does the number of films in each language compare?
  • What are the most common special features in the films available for rent?

You can also use longer and more complex input prompts depending on what you want to generate.


Our AI supports multiple language like Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese and many other languages.


If aren't satisfied with the generated result, you can try to:

  • re-run the generation
  • rephrase the input prompt
  • be more specific and table or columns names (this can be easily done using the auto-suggest feature)