How to Get Started in 3 Steps

Table of contents

Step 1: Sign Up

Start by visiting our website and creating your user account. The process is intuitive, and if you encounter any issues, our support team is always eager to assist. You can sign in here.

Immediately after signing up you can start generating SQL, however it is recommend to either connect to your data source or import in various formats.

Step 2: Add Data Source(s)

Once logged in, navigate to the add data source and choose how to add your data source. Data sources can either be added:

Step 3: Utilize AI and SQL

After adding your data source, it's time to tap into the power of our AI and SQL generation tools. Simply navigate to the AI Generator, click on the "Data source" button and pick the desired data source. To get you started even quicker you can click the "Hints" button and AI will generate suggestions of what you can ask your data source.

Welcome aboard! We're excited to have you and witness your growth through our AI-powered SQL generator and next-generation data exploration platform. Happy data analyzing!