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Use all generators, import data sources and use basic AI model.

  • 300,000 Tokens/Mo (GTP-3.5)
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More tokens, more powerful AI model and connected data sources.

  • 100,000 Tokens/Mo (GTP-4)
  • 1,000,000 Tokens/Mo (GTP-3.5)
  • Connect to Data Sources
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Build data dashboards for real-time data insights and get more tokens.

  • 300,000 Tokens/Mo (GTP-4)
  • 2,000,000 Tokens/Mo (GTP-3.5)
  • Connect to Data Sources
  • Data Dashboards
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Included in all plans:

Generate SQL With AI

Generate simple or complex SQL or NoSQL in seconds using AI.

Explain SQL With AI

Explain exactly what a given SQL or NoSQL statement does using AI.

Optimize SQL with AI

Optimize SQL queries to improve performance of your system.

Free Form AI

Use AI with data source and instruct it yourself.

Excel, Google Sheets, Regex, and All Generators

Use all available AI generators.

All Database Engines

Generate SQL and NoSQL tailored to PostgreSQL, Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, MongoDB and many other.

Add Your Custom Data Sources

Generate highly accurate SQL by adding your data source, e.g. database schema.

Format SQL

Format your SQL to improve readability and make bug catching easier.

AI Data Analyzer

Use AI to examine and answer questions about your data.

VS Code Editor

Use VS Code editor to make changes to generations and added data sources.

Instantly Streamed AI Generations

Get answers instantly as soon as your click generate.

Formatted and Highlighted Generations

Code snippets are formatted and highlighted for readability.

Searchable History

Easily find previous generations.

Save and Share Snippets

Save and share important generations as snippets.

Priority Support

Questions, how-tos or suggestions we are here.

Cancel Anytime

You can cancel your subscription anytime.

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