Effortlessly utilize the world's most powerful AI model with our SQL multi-tool to work smarter and faster!


  • 100,000 AI tokens/mo
  • All AI Generators
  • Custom Data Sources
  • Priority Support
  • Cancel Anytime


  • 400,000 AI tokens/mo
  • All AI Generators
  • Custom Data Sources
  • Connect to Data Sources
  • Priority Support
  • Cancel Anytime


  • 800,000 AI tokens/mo
  • All AI Generators
  • Custom Data Sources
  • Connect to Data Sources
  • Train AI on Data Source (RAG)
  • Data Dashboards
  • Priority Support
  • Cancel Anytime

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AI Models

GPT-4 (latest)

Always the latest and most powerful AI model from OpenAI with a 128K context window. Recommended.


Less capable and smaller context window than GPT-4.

Instruct AI using everyday language and it will generate SQL.

Generate SQL With AI

Generate simple or complex SQL or NoSQL in seconds using AI.

Generate Optimized SQL With AI

Generate performance optimized SQL or NoSQL using AI.

Generate Data with AI

Generate test data for SQL and NoSQL databases.

Copy pase your SQL into the prompt and AI fixes, optimizes, explains, or formats it.

Optimize SQL with AI

Optimize SQL queries to improve performance of your system.

Fix SQL with AI

Fix SQL and NoSQL queries and avoid errors.

Explain SQL With AI

Explain exactly what a given SQL or NoSQL statement does using AI.

Format SQL

Format SQL queries for improved readability.

Simplify SQL

Simplify and refactor SQL queries.

Other Modes

Analyze Data with AI

Use AI to examine and answer questions about your data.

Data Sources

Train AI On Database Schema

This enables AI to understand your database schema.Learn more.

All Database Engines

Generate SQL and NoSQL tailored to PostgreSQL, Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, MongoDB and many other.

Connect to Database

Connect to your database and run AI-generated SQL/NoSQL for effortless data analytics.

Data Dashboards

Build real-time data dashboards with AI and a connected database.

Add Your Custom Data Sources

Generate highly accurate SQL by adding your data source, e.g. database schema.

AI Suggestions

AI generates tailored suggestions for valuable data analytics, e.g. SQL learner, SWOT analysis.


View SQL Diff

View changes made when fixing, optimizing, explaining, or formatting SQL.

Multilingual Generations

Instruct and have AI respond in your preferred language. Requires GPT-4.

Refine Queries

Run generations again with slight change in instructions.

VS Code Editor

Use VS Code editor to make changes to generations and added data sources.

Instantly Streamed AI Generations

Get answers instantly as soon as your click generate.

Formatted and Highlighted Code

Code snippets are formatted and highlighted for readability.

Searchable History

Easily find previous generations.

Save and Share Snippets

Save and share important generations as snippets.

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