AI SQL Tool Comparison:
Which is the Best SQL Query Builder?

Below is a comparison of the main features provided by different AI-powered SQL builders:

Core features

Monthly subscription
Stream results instantly
No need to wait for the whole query to finish
Free Tier
Save and share SQL snippets
Multiple database schemas
Switch between different database schemas
Explain queries (SQL and NoSQL)
Format queries (SQL and NoSQL)
Optimize queries (SQL and NoSQL)
Highligh SQL/NoSQL
Proper highlighting of code snippet
Add database schema manually
Add database schema from CSV
Add database schema from any format
SQL, JSON, HTML, plain text, prisma.schema etc.
Add database schema from connected database
Automatically include database schema
No need to manually pick imported tables to add to each SQL query generation.

Connect with your database (AI data intelligence)

Connected to database
1-click connect to any database
Run SQL directly on connected database
Powerful business intelligence
Fully Encrypt database credentials
No need to worry about security
Connect to MySQL/MariaDB
Connect to PostgresSQL
Connect to SQL Server (MSSQL)
Connect to Oracle Database
Connect to MongoDB
You can read more about in our documentation.
Disclaimer: We tried to list and compare features and price as evenly as possible, but some of the competitors offer different features (or variations thereof) and set various usage limits (particular ai2sql). We encourage you to investigate for yourself and then decide.

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