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Effortlessly generate, optimize, fix, and explain SQL queries. Add data sources with a single click and retrieve data insights directly when connected. Save hours of debugging and reduce database costs and bugs.

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SQL Made Dirt Simple

Generate or improve any SQL query, simple or complex.

SQL Generator

Generate SQL Using Everyday Language

AI transforms your instructions into simple or complex SQL queries, including NoSQL, with the highest accuracy. Generated SQL or NoSQL can be run directly on connected databases and data visualized with AI.

Optimize SQL Query

Effortlessly Optimize SQL Queries for Better Performance

Copy and paste the SQL query to be optimized, and AI generates an optimized query.

Fix SQL Query

Fix Syntax Errors and Validate SQL Queries

Copy and paste the SQL query that needs fixing, and AI will generate a completely fixed query.

Simplify SQL Query

Improve Readability and Make Queries Less Error-Prone

Copy and paste your SQL query, and our AI will provide simplify the query.

Explain SQL Query

Understand SQL Queries With Detailed Breakdown

Copy and paste your SQL query, and our AI will provide a detailed explanation.

Database Indexes

Speed Up Query Execution With Database Indexes

Copy and paste your SQL query, and our AI will provide queries to create database indexes.

Data Analytics

Ask Your Data Anything

Drag and drop your data and start asking questions to it.


Some of the benefits our users experience.

Instant SQL Skills for Beginners

Start generating SQL in no time and learn by doing.

Accelerate Professional Workflows

Generate complex queries effortlessly and explore advanced SQL techniques with fewer mistakes.

Optimize Time and Cost

Create optimized, error-free SQL queries quickly, saving both time and money.

Immediate Data Insights

Run AI-generated SQL (or NoSQL) directly on connected data sources to get insights without waiting for the data team.

What our users say


Lots of powerful features, yet super easy to use.

World's Leading AI, GPT-4

We constantly stay up-to-date with the latest and most powerful AI models to ensure the highest quality results.

Highly-Optimized SQL Generators

Use our ever-growing collection of highly-optimized SQL (and NoSQL) generators.

Custom Data Sources

Add custom data sources in any format and have AI optimize their use.

Connect to Data Sources

Connect to your database, run generated SQL directly, and effortlessly gain data insights.

Large Data Sources (Pre-Picking Tables)

We pre-select relevant parts of the database schema to enable AI to handle large database schemas. Read more.

Train AI on Custom Data Sources (RAG)

Use cutting-edge RAG to teach AI about your database schema and how it should be understood.

Supported Databases

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SQL Server (MS)
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Oracle PL/SQL
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What Makes SQLAI.ai Special?

Here are a few reasons why we highly recommend SQLAI.ai.

World's Best AI Model, GPT-4

Unlike most competitors, we don't compromise on quality by using lower-tier AI models. We leverage the power of GPT-4.

SQL Generators for Any Use Case

We offer not just a cutting-edge SQL generator, but also tools for fixing, optimizing, and explaining SQL queries.

Highly-Optimized SQL Generators

Our SQL generators are highly optimized using advanced AI techniques, ensuring top performance.

Thoroughly Optimized

We meticulously optimize every aspect, including prompt techniques, data source formatting, embedding, self-correction, and use of specific database engines and always using the best AI available.

Supports Large Database Schemas

Our system automatically pre-selects relevant parts of the database schema, enabling AI to handle large database schemas efficiently.

Advanced AI Self-Correction

Disliking a SQL query prompts the AI to reexamine and improve the response, ensuring better accuracy.

Use Cases

Who benefits from using SQLAI.ai.


Accelerate development with instant query generation and optimization. SQLAI.ai offers more capabilities than traditional ORMs.

Data Analysts

Generate and understand complex queries quickly. Retrieve data directly from connected data sources with ease.

Business Users

Simplify data retrieval without needing deep SQL knowledge. Gain data insights anytime from connected data sources, without waiting for the data team.

SQL Learners

Learn SQL by doing. Switch between code and full mode to see complete SQL query explanations.

Get Started

Boost SQL skills and productivity using AI today.