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AI effortlessly generates, explains and optimizes SOQL and SOSL queries for you. No previous knowledge required. fragment from the application.

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Abandon Hours of Unnecessary Browsing

Rather, let the AI do the work and generate SOQL or SOSL queries within moments.

Improve Your SOQL and SOSL Skills with a Single Interaction

Input in ordinary language and watch our AI transform it into high-quality SOQL or SOSL queries.

Flawlessly Generate Error-free SOQL and SOSL Queries

Bypass tiresome troubleshooting – our AI is at your service.

Turn Into a SOQL and SOSL Expert

Boost your learning through practice; observe as our AI creates SOQL and SOSL queries for you.


AI-Boosted SOQL and SOSL Generation

Utilize AI to formulate top-tier SOQL and SOSL.

AI-Boosted SOQL and SOSL Explanation

Understand and elucidate SOQL and SOSL through AI.

AI-Boosted SOQL and SOSL Optimization

Upgrade and debug your SOQL and SOSL utilizing AI.

AI-Informed Hints

Reap the benefits of unique AI-powered suggestions for queries.

Support for Multiple Languages

Articulate your queries to AI in your preferred language.

Tailored Data Sources

Secure first-rate SOQL and SOSL queries by incorporating data source schemas.


Construct your private library of generations and even broadcast them.

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What services does your startup offer?

We use AI to craft SOQL and SOSL queries for our customers, augmenting the simplicity and effectiveness of data manipulation and Salesforce functionality.

Does your AI handle all languages?

So far, we haven't encountered a language that our AI isn't capable of handling.

Who is your target demographic?

We serve a wide base including data scientists, developers, marketers, businesses of all sizes, and freelancers. Our clients all have one thing in common - a requirement for SOQL or SOSL to retrieve data.

Is there an availability of any free trial period?

Upon registration, you will be guided to our free tier program where you can witness the benefits of our AI-backed services yourself. We certainly hope you will consider staying with us.

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