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Leverage our AI power to generate SQL and NoSQL queries easily. Fetch complex data and gain strategic insights at the click of a button.

AI Business Intelligence Data Analysis Dashboard

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Improve Efficiency

Speed up data fetching and processing with AI.

Make Informed Decisions

Easily interpret data and drive strategic business decisions.

Rich Integration

Connect and retrieve data from various data sources.

Become a Data Expert Yourself

AI gives you the power to query and get even complex data insights yourself.


Seamless Data Integration

Connect with many different data sources.

Smart AI Analysis

Gain deeper business insights with AI.

Customizable Data Dashboard (coming)

Customize reports and views as per your needs.

Real-time Analytics

Track real-time business performance without waiting for your data team.


Easy to use with an intuitive user interface.

Secure and Trusted

Your data security is our prime concern.

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Supported Databases

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SQL Server (MS)
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What offerings does your startup have?

We provide innovative AI powered business intelligence tool to generate SQL and NoSQL queries, enhancing productivity and efficacy of data management.

How does the AI work?

Our AI uses complex algorithms to analyze, interpret and fetch data, providing key business insights and streamlined efficiency.

Is the BI tool customizable?

Certainly! You can customize views, manage your dashboard and reports as per your requirements.

Do you have any complimentary trial periods?

Yes, post-registration you can utilize the free tier of our product where you can experience the effectiveness of our AI tool.

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