Explain Any SQL Query With AI in Seconds

Enhance your SQL understanding: Get inline, detailed explanations in seconds. Supports every common database engine, fully online and without any setup required.

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Seamlessly Explain Any SQL Query

Stop wasting time asking colleagues or google and let AI swiftly analyze and explain your SQL queries.

Instant SQL Query Explanations

Forget complex setups or reading endless tutorials. Simply paste your SQL query, press "generate", and our AI swiftly explains it.
Instant SQL Query Explanations

Receive Easy to Understand Inline Explanations

AI analyzes your SQL query and gives a detailed explanation line by line. This ensure you know exactly what which part of the SQL query does.
Receive Easy to Understand Inline Explanations

Explains All Common Database Engines

AI works like your private SQL expert any you need it. AI supports all common (and uncommon) database engines like PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle etc.
Explains All Common Database Engines

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Supported Databases

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How is this different than other approaches?

Most of the traditional approaches to understanding a SQL query are usually time-consuming. Either by asking a SQL expert colleagues, Stackoverflow or researching SQL syntax yourself. SQLAI gives you the answer instantly and with great detail. It not only saves time but is also a great way to learn the intricacies of SQL.

Do you need access to my database or data?

No. You can simply copy paste the SQL query into the input and have AI explain it. However adding your database schema can in some cases improve the explanations.

Which AI model should I use?

For better and more accurate SQL explanations we recommend using the most powerful AI model, GPT-4.

Can I save and share SQL query explanations?

Yes, simply click the "Action" dropdown above the explained SQL query and click save.

Do you have some examples?