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AI smoothly generates, explains and optimizes Microsoft SQL Server queries for you. No SQL Server expertise needed.

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End Time-Consuming Search Sessions

Rather, pose your question to AI and let it produce MS SQL or other SQL scripts in no time.

Improve Your MS SQL Abilities with One Click

Frame your queries in everyday language and let our AI transform it into professional-level MS SQL scripts.

Smoothly Craft Faultless MS SQL Queries

Skip the tiresome debugging – our AI is here to cover you.

Advance To an MS SQL Expert

Enrich your learning through practice; observe how our AI crafts MS SQL and other SQL scripts for you.


AI MSSQL Generation

Harness AI to craft first-rate MS SQL.

AI MSSQL Explanation

Understand and elucidate MS SQL with AI assistance.

AI MSSQL Optimization

Improve and debug your MS SQL leveraging AI.

AI Hints

Receive exclusive AI-propelled recommendations for queries to pose to AI.

Support for Multiple Languages

Articulate your queries to AI in your native language.

Custom Data Sources

Guarantee top-notch MS SQL queries by integrating data source schemas.


Assemble your personalized library of generated scripts and even disseminate them.

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What offerings does your startup have?

We utilize AI to write MS SQL and other SQL queries for our clients, thereby improving efficiency and efficacy of data management and MS SQL functionality.

Can your AI cope with all languages?

So far, we haven't encountered a language that our AI can't handle.

Who will gain from your offerings?

Our services are designed for a wide range of audience such as data scientists, developers, marketers, organizations of all sizes, and freelance professionals. They all share one thing - a requirement for MS SQL or other SQL scripts to retrieve data.

Do you have any complimentary trial periods?

Upon registration, you will be introduced to our free tier program where you can test the effectiveness of our AI-powered tool firsthand. We hope you continue to enjoy our service.

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