Optimize Any SQL Query in Seconds With AI

Leverage cutting-edge AI technology to instantly optimize your SQL queries, ensuring they execute more rapidly while consuming minimal resources.

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Seamlessly Optimize SQL Queries

Let AI swiftly analyze and optimize your SQL queries.

Instant SQL Query Optimization

No more wasting hours researching database optimization. Simply paste your SQL query, press "generate", and our AI swiftly delivers an optimized SQL query and suggestion database indexes.
Instant SQL Query Optimization

Receive a Ready-to-Use Optimization SQL Queries

AI generates ready-to-use SQL queries and suggests which indexes to use given the SQL query.
Receive a Ready-to-Use Optimization SQL Queries

Detailed Optimization Suggestions

Gain valuable insights as our AI clearly outlines and explains possible optimization options. This enables you to dive deeper into SQL optimization and understand it better.
Detailed Optimization Suggestions

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Supported Databases

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Do you need access to my database or data?

No. You can simply copy paste the SQL query into the input and AI will optimize it. However adding your database schema can enable AI to make better optimization suggestions.

Which AI model should I use?

For better and more accurate SQL optimizations we recommend using the most powerful AI model, GPT-4.

Can I save and share SQL query optimizations?

Yes, simply click the "Action" dropdown above the optimized SQL query and click save.