Check, Fix & Validate Any SQL Query in Seconds With AI

AI checks, analyzes and fixes SQL queries and returns error-free SQL queries. Supports every common database engine, online and without any setup required.

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Seamlessly Repair Any SQL Query

Eliminate the hassle of endless searching for solutions. Let AI swiftly analyze, check, and rectify your SQL queries with precision.

Instant SQL Query Corrections

Forget complex setups or navigating through intricate guides. Simply paste your SQL query, press "generate", and our AI swiftly delivers corrected code.
Instant SQL Query Corrections

Receive a Ready-to-Use, Formatted SQL Query

Our AI not only fixes your query but also returns it fully formatted and ready for implementation. Each correction is highlighted to enhance readability and usability.
Receive a Ready-to-Use, Formatted SQL Query

Detailed Insight into Corrections

Gain valuable insights as our AI clearly outlines every adjustment made to your query. This feature promotes understanding, allowing for a quick review of corrections and fostering your SQL skills.
Detailed Insight into Corrections

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Supported Databases

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How is this different than other SQL syntax checkers?

Our SQL syntax checker automatically checks and returns a new fixed and validated SQL query. Others require that your manually fixes it. This saves a lot of time.

Do you need access to my database or data?

No. You can simply copy paste the SQL query into the input and have AI fix it. However adding your database schema enables AI to also fix wrongly named table and column names.

Can I copy paste directly from the syntax error log?

Yes, AI handles errored SQL query directly from error log.

Which AI model should I use?

We recommend using the most powerful AI model, GPT-4, since it is capable of understanding more complex queries.

Can I save and share fixes?

Yes, simply click the Action dropdown above the fixed SQL query and click save.

Do you have some examples?

Yes, please checkout our examples page for SQL fixes.