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Get valuable data and insights from your data sources by generating SQL and NoSQL queries and data dashboards using AI with only a few clicks.

Cutting-Edge AI Generator

Cutting-Edge AI Generator

Our AI generator produces high-quality snippets with proper highlighted SQL or NoSQL for readability. It instantly streams results as soon as they are being generated so you don't have to sit and wait.

  • AI generates SQL and NoSQL
  • AI optimizes SQL and NoSQL
  • AI explains SQL and NoSQL
  • AI formats SQL and NoSQL

To increase understandability our AI adds a short explanation of what the generated snippet does. See all generator modes in the app.

Cutting-Edge AI Generator

Powerful AI Hints and Analysis

Not sure what to ask AI to get what you want? No problem, simple have AI generate a list of relevant questions to ask to get developer, business or marketing insights. To ensure the AI generated questions are highly relevant, it takes your data source into account. Examples of what you can instruct AI to generate:

  • Identify low profitability products
  • Data insights for a SWOT analysis
  • Identify seasonal changes in buying patterns for our product portfolio

Need a assistance in figuring valuable data for a SWOT analysis? Have AI generate it. Check out the documentation.

Cutting-Edge AI Generator

AI-Generated Snippets

Save and share your generated snippets from your own snippets library. This is a great way to help colleagues with SQL and NoSQL or build up your own private library of reusable high-quality snippets.

  • Reusable SQL and NoSQL snippets
  • Highlighted and formatted SQL and NoSQL code
  • Valuable code commentary included

Want to see for yourself? Check out this example.

Cutting-Edge AI Generator

Accessible Data Sources

1-click integration with your data source to ensure generated SQL and NoSQL queries are as accurate and effortless as possible. You can also add data sources manually and with CSV, if the data source isn't accessible from the internet. We currently support connecting with:

  • Connect with MySQL
  • Connect with Postgres
  • Connect with Oracle
  • Connect with SQL Server
  • Connect with MongoDB

You can of course generate SQL and NoSQL for many other database engines and even share data sources with non-technical colleagues. Check out the documentation or connect directly.

Cutting-Edge AI Generator

Real-Time Data Insights

Connecting with a data source enables AI to assist you with valuable data insights with nothing more thatn a few clicks. Need customer or user data? Our AI generates the SQL or NoSQL query and you simply click "run query" directly on your connected data source. The data can be displayed in a table or on an AI-generated chart.

  • Real-time data insights
  • Data insights without SQL knowledge
  • Display data table or AI-generated chart

Getting real time data insights have never been easier.

Cutting-Edge AI Generator

Data Dashboards

Data dashboards enables you to easily create collections of related data insights. Once you have generated a relevant SQL or NoSQL snippet, simply add it to a data dashboard and you are able to revisit it anytime you need data insights.

  • Collection of valuable data insights
  • Real-time data insights
  • AI-generated chart display
  • Share with colleague (coming soon)

Data dashboards is the easiest way to generate and display data intelligence.

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