Data Sources

Data sources provide schema context for AI to generate highly accurate SQL and NoSQL queries. Data sources can be imported in various formats or connected to generate powerful and real-time data visualizations.

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Supported Data Sources

We support many different database engines and technologies. By adding a data sources you ensure that the generated SQL or NoSQL queries are using your database schema and the particular API for the data source, e.g. Postgres flavored SQL or MongoDB API.

  • SQL database engines
  • NoSQL technologies

You can add data sources here. Supported databases include Postgres, MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL, MongoDB and many more.

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Import or Connect Data Sources With 1-Click

Connect to a data source or import its schema manually. Once you have added a data source you can easily switch between them.

  • 1-click import of data source
  • 1-click connect of data source

See your data source library.

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Share Data Sources With Team

Added data sources can be shared with your team. This enables companies to manage data sources centrally by a competent person and give access to specific users when needed.

  • Share data sources with team
  • Centrally managed data sources
  • Add or remove team users

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Connected Data Sources Fully Encrypted

Security is top priority for us and that is why we encrypt the connection credentials so that even if there is a data breach, you won't be compromised.

  • Full encryption of sensitive data
  • Delete data sources anytime

Read more about our security policies.

Supported Databases

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SQL Server (MS)
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Oracle PL/SQL
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